20 Best Rap Songs for Karaoke (The Ultimate Hip-Hop Songs to Sing)

If you’re hosting a karaoke night in the near future, you need to know what the most popular hip hop and rap songs are. Whether you like classic rap from the 1990s or new hits from 2021, it’s essential to know what your audience wants. And if you’ve been searching for a way to spice up your karaoke nights (and get people out of their seats), adding some of the best rap songs for karaoke is just what you need.

When it comes to singing, most people are accustomed to more traditional options. A great deal of us grew up singing in church choirs or school musicals, and the gospel and classic rock songs we remember from these times are the ones that come to mind when we think of karaoke. But karaoke is about more than just crooning popular ballads — you can also sing rap songs!

Best Rap Songs for Karaoke – Top 20

Rap music has grown in popularity over the last few decades, with many of today’s top artists garnering massive hit records that stay at the top of the charts for weeks and even months on end. As rap has expanded into different subgenres, some songs that are considered the best rap songs have remained popular, even as the genre itself continues to evolve and become more diverse.

From modern gangster rap to the early party hits, this list of the best rap songs for karaoke has something for everyone. And with the top hits by some of the most influential rappers of all time, your karaoke party will be the hottest event in town.

Let’s get ready to rumble!

1. “Big Poppa” by The Notorious B.I.G.

The Notorious B.I.G. was a member of the seminal West Coast hip-hop group, and he churned out hit after hit during his tenure with the group. “Big Poppa” was not only one of their most popular songs but one of the best hip-hop songs for karaoke overall.

2. “In da Club” by 50 Cent

“In da Club” by 50 Cent includes a catchy, pulsing beat and a rap chorus that’s difficult to resist. This is a perfect song for a crowd, and it’ll be sure to get everyone moving.

The song is a little slower than “Under the Influence,” which makes it a bit easier to sing along with, so you don’t have to worry about running out of breath. “In da Club” is an added boost to your karaoke skills and will get you pumped up for a night out. Plus, there are several different remixes if you want to sing the chorus differently.

3. “Lost Ones” by Jay-Z

There’s no denying that Jay-Z is one of the best rappers of all time, and “Lost Ones” is definitely one of his best songs.

It’s well-written, flows nicely, and has a catchy hook. Jay-Z’s voice is a major aspect of this song and allows for a bit of improvisation during the rap portion of the song. The beat is unique, and the lyrics are both fun and insightful.

4. “Gold Digger” by Kanye West

“Gold Digger” by Kanye West is one of the best karaoke rap songs that easily gets stuck in your head, but in a good way.

First released in 2005, the song reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, and won a Grammy Award for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration. It’s also widely considered to be one of the best hip-hop songs of all time.

5. “Still Ballin'” by Tupac

Up next is “Still Ballin’,” by Tupac. Sadly, “Still Ballin'” is Tupac’s final track on the album, All Eyez on Me, as he was shot two months after it was released. (The album went platinum after his death.) The song starts off with a fun, jazzy beat and a laid-back flow, and then switches to a more up-tempo, danceable beat.

6. “The Adventures of Super Rhyme” by Jimmy Spicer

“The Adventures of Super Rhyme” by Jimmy Spicer is one of the fun and easy karaoke rap songs to sing for any karaoke night. The song’s chorus is one of the catchiest in hip-hop history and will make you want to sing along. The tricky tongue-twisting lyrics of the verses make this a great song to test your skills in rap.

7. “Rapper’s Delight” by The Sugarhill Gang

A classic by The Sugarhill Gang, “Rapper’s Delight” is a fun, upbeat song that you’ll have no trouble dancing to. The lyrics are easy to understand, and it’s great for beginners or for people who aren’t really familiar with rap music.

It’s a fun song to sing, especially if you’re a fan of rap and want to try singing along to some of your favorites.

8. “This Is Why I’m Hot” by Mims

This song is the definition of a party anthem. It features a memorable melody, well-written lyrics, and it was produced by Timbaland. It makes our list of the best rap songs for karaoke because it manages to be both catchy and eye-opening.

9. “Straight Outta Compton” by N.W.A.

Nobody rocked the mic like N.W.A (Niggaz Wit Attitudes) when they burst onto the scene in the late 1980s. The group’s first album, Straight Outta Compton, was relentless, raw, and in your face, and the title track is no exception.


10. “Gin and Juice” by Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg burst onto the music scene in 1992 with this single, which was the opening song of Snoop’s debut studio album of the same name. The song’s catchy hook and Snoop’s signature laid-back flow made it an instant hit.

11. “And We Danced” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have become one of the biggest names in rap music today, bringing a new sound and style to the world of rap with their unique blend of hip-hop, electronic, and pop music. “And We Danced” is a rap ballad, with a surprising groove that gives this song a modern feel.

12. “Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers),” Wu-Tang Clan

Wu-Tang Clan’s debut album, Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), which is widely considered as one of the best rap albums of all time, boasts unforgettable songs like “C.R.E.A.M.” and “Protect Ya Neck.” The title track of the album, though, is the best rap song.

13. “Hip Hop Hooray” by Naughty by Nature

Naughty by Nature’s “Hip Hop Hooray” is one of the top hits by one of the earliest and most influential rap groups of all time. The song has a catchy beat, that will have you breakdancing and rapping along, and will set you up with a solid rap flow.

Though the song is bilingual, the chorus is entirely in English, making it fun for everyone who might be at your karaoke night.

14. “Bust A Move” by Young MC

With a catchy beat and a simple chorus, Young MC’s “Bust A Move” is the quintessential karaoke hip hop song.

Released in 1988, this party anthem is Young MC’s only major hit, but you will be sure to bust a move with this in the karaoke machine.

The whole song is very smooth and pleasant to listen to, with a catchy chorus and an easy flow, making it an easy song to sing.

15. “Money Trees” by Kendrick Lamar

Coming in at second place is “Money Trees,” by Kendrick Lamar. This song won the Grammy for Best Rap Song this year. The song is about how money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you the things that make you happy.

The song features one of Lamar’s famous flow techniques, which is when his words start off fast and then slow down later in the verse, taking listeners on a ride throughout the song.

16. “Rapper’s Delight” by Sugarhill Gang

The grandfather of all hip-hop songs, Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight” opened the doors for the genre’s rise to popularity. The song was the first rap record to reach the top 40, and it opened the door for future generations of rap artists.

This is one of the best rap songs for karaoke if you’re looking to let loose and have fun. The song features a simple beat that allows you to throw down a few killer rhymes.

It’s also one of the best rap songs for beginners since its simplicity makes it easy to learn the lyrics. You’ll be able to impress all your friends and look like an old pro by the time the song finishes.

17. “We Are the Champions” by Queen

We Are the Champions is a song originally recorded by Queen, which was released as a single in 1977 from their album News of the World. With a nod to the band’s beloved soccer team, this upbeat song has been covered by many bands including the Beastie Boys and McFly, the latter of which included a version on their album Wonderland.

18. “It Takes Two” by Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock

As one of the best hip-hop songs of all time, this song is the ultimate party anthem. With a sing-along chorus, memorable lyrics, and universal themes of love, this song is perfect for any karaoke night!

19. “U Can’t Touch This” by M.C. Hammer

“U Can’t Touch This” is a song that has everything, from the guitar-sampled hook to the corny lyrics, but it is so catchy and fun that you can’t help but love it. You may even find yourself humming it when you are in your car, doing errands, or working out.

This song is a great rap song for karaoke because it is so easy to sing and understand, as well as fun to dance to. The song is perfect for a party or karaoke night because it will get everyone up and dancing.

20. “99 Problems” by Jay-Z

Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” is a classic rap song that is sure to get any crowd stomping and clapping along to the beat. At the 2:17 mark, the hook repeats, so you can really get into it and hype it up.

This song is perfect for anyone who likes to rap is looking to try out their rap skills. With an easy-to-follow beat and easy-to-remember chorus, “99 Problems” will be a hit at any karaoke party.

Final Thoughts

Rap and hip hop are the most popular genres of music in the world. This means you’ll need to know what songs are trending so your karaoke night is a success. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the best rap songs for karaoke that are currently popular. The above list will be updated regularly, so make sure you check back often.

We’ve included the top karaoke songs for each genre and even some alternative versions for those who want to spice up their performances.

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