Top 5 Japanese Karaoke Machine

Did you know that Japan is the birthplace of Karaoke? It’s true! Karaoke machines were invented in Japan in 1971, and they’ve been a popular form of entertainment there ever since.

It’s no secret that Japanese culture is renowned for its Karaoke scene. In fact, many people might even say that it’s an integral part of the culture. And while there are certainly a lot of great places to go Karaoke in Japan, sometimes you just want the experience of being at home and belting out your favorite tunes. That’s where Japanese karaoke machines come in!

In Hurry? Check Out These 3 Top Picks!

These machines have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason – they’re a lot of fun! If you’re looking for a way to add some extra excitement to your next party or get-together, then a Japanese karaoke machine is the perfect solution.

I have reviewed different Japanese karaoke machines and have also used two of them extensively. So, with my experience and research, I have selected the 5 models that stand out from the rest because of their quality, features, and user satisfaction.

Best Japanese Karaoke Machines – Top 5 Picks!

My picks are not ranked or brand specific. I have tried to include the best machines on the market at the moment. Any of these machines will do the job well.

1. SingMasters Magic Sing SM-500 (Japanese Karaoke Player)


SingMasters Magic Sing Karaoke Machine
  • 30+ Languages Supported
  • Dual Wireless mic
  • Portable, Plug & Play
  • Live Dual Scoring
  • Song Recording and Playback

The SingMasters Magic Sing Japanese Karaoke Player is one of the most popular karaoke machines for Japanese users and it’s easy to see why. It comes with 3895 Japanese songs and two wireless microphones, making it perfect for singing with friends or family.

I personally love the “Real Time Dual Live Scoring” feature, which allows for some friendly competition while singing. We had a family karaoke night with this machine and it added a fun twist to our usual singing sessions.

It can also play English songs, so don’t worry if you or your friends are not familiar with Japanese music. The sound quality is excellent and the overall design of the machine is sleek and stylish.

SingMasters Magic Sing unboxing

I used this karaoke for multiple karaoke nights, singing both Japanese and English songs. We found it very user-friendly and the sound quality was impressive. Overall, it made for a fantastic karaoke experience.

A great feature of this karaoke Player is the ability to record your performance. This is great if you want to share your karaoke experience with friends or family who couldn’t be there in person.

YouTube compatibility is a great feature because it allows you to easily find karaoke versions of your favorite songs on YouTube. This means that you don’t have to go out and buy a separate karaoke CD if you want to sing along to your favorite songs. Using the SingMasters Magic Sing Japanese Karaoke Player, you can just find them on YouTube and sing along with them.

The machine also has a plug-and-play karaoke machine system. This means that you don’t have to worry about installing any software or drivers in order to use the machine. You can just plug it in and start singing.

The HD background video and pictures are customizable, which means that you can easily change the look of the machine to match your party theme or decor. If you want the machine to fit in with the rest of your party, this feature is a great advantage.

  • Largest song collection(about 4000)
  • Dual wireless microphone
  • Pre-installed Japanese songs 
  • You-tube compatible
  • Need to connect to Amplifier to properly work

2. inandon-KV-V5 Plus Karaoke Player (Best Latest Japanese Model)


inandon-KV-V5 Plus Karaoke SYSTEM
  • 21.5 inch Touch Screen
  • HDMI Output Option
  • APPs for Live TV
  • Support 4K Video
  • Storage capacity of 8TB

The inandon-KV-V5 Plus Karaoke Player is a top-of-the-line machine with its 21.5 inch touch screen and support for 4K video. What sets this machine apart is its APPs for live TV, making it a versatile karaoke and entertainment system.

The 21.5 inch touch screen is also a great feature, as it allows you to easily select the song you want to sing. You can choose from a wide selection of songs that are stored on the machine, or you can access songs that are stored online.

Another great feature of this machine is the Wi-Fi connectivity. This allows you to connect to the internet and download new songs, as well as access your account on social media sites so that you can share your karaoke experience with your friends online.

One of the best things about this machine is that you can access the song selection for free on the cloud. This means that you can always have the latest songs available to you, and you never have to worry about the machine running out of songs.

The Inandon-KV-v5 Plus Karaoke Player also comes with apps for Live TV. You can watch your favorite TV shows while singing karaoke. You can combine your love of TV with your love of karaoke with this feature. The apps allow you to watch live TV channels, so you can always be up-to-date on the latest news and entertainment.

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Another great feature of this machine is the ability to record your singing and share it with your friends. It’s a great way to share your karaoke experience with your friends, and it’s also a great way to get feedback on your own performance.

  • 21.5” Touch Screen (Real 3D effects)
  • Wireless Mic
  • Recording and Sharing (With 8TB of Storage Capacity)
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Compared to other models, it is expensive, but worth it for the features it offers!

3. ACEUME TSRV60M Japanese Karaoke System – Best with Songs


ACEUME TSRV60M Japanese Karaoke Machines
  • 3D effects
  • “Favorite” function
  • 2 Karaoke Microphones
  • 5TB HDD
  • Quad-Core Processor

The TSRV60M-5TB HDD Karaoke Machine is a top of the line karaoke machine that offers a great experience for those who want to enjoy karaoke in Japanese . The machine has a multilingual menu and song options, making it easy to find and select the right songs for you. The machine has the option in Chinese, English, and Japanese language.

The touch screen makes the machine easy to use and navigate, so you can find the songs that you want to sing quickly and easily. With a large screen, you can see all the options available on the karaoke machine clearly and make selections easily.

Adding effects to your voice while singing is made easier with the wireless microphone echo mixing feature. Moreover, it is possible to create the perfect sound for your performance by controlling the amount of echo.

The remote control allows you to change songs or adjust the volume without having to get close to the machine itself. This is a great feature if you want to be able to control the machine while you are singing or dancing.

The USB and HDMI connectivity options make it easy to connect the machine to other devices, so you can play music from your phone or tablet through the karaoke machine. This is a great way to expand the range of songs that you can sing, as you can access a wider range of music through these connections.

Keep track of the songs you love to sing with the “Favorite” feature. Your favorite songs can be added to the list, so you don’t have to search for them every time you want to sing them. This is a great way to make sure that you always have your favorite songs available to sing.

  • 22” touchscreen
  • Wireless microphone
  • Comes with 9176 Japanese Songs
  • USB and HDMI connectivity
  • No Wi-Fi Connectivity

4. SINGSATION Star Burst Karaoke Machine – Best in Budget


SINGSATION Star Burst Karaoke System
  • Two Microphones
  • 6 sound effects 
  • 10 light modes
  • Ceiling Light Show
  • Weight: 5.2 pounds

The SINGSATION Star Burst Karaoke Machine is the perfect way to liven up any party! This karaoke machine is a very budget-friendly and user-friendly option among other products on our list.

The best part about this karaoke machine is that it doesn’t require CDs. That means you don’t have to go out and buy a bunch of CDs, and you don’t have to worry about losing them. You can just download your favorite karaoke songs onto your computer and save them on a USB drive. Then, when you’re ready to sing, you can just plug the USB drive into the machine and start singing.

Another great feature of this karaoke machine is the 10 light modes. You can choose from a variety of different light settings, so you can create the perfect atmosphere for your karaoke experience. You can even choose a setting that will make the room look like a disco, so you can really get into the groove.

The 6 sound effects are also a great addition to this karaoke machine. They include things like applause, cheers, and even booing. That way, you can really add some excitement to your performance. And, if you make a mistake, you can just hit the sound effect button and the audience will boo you. It’s a great way to add some laughs to your karaoke experience.

With the SINGSATION StarBurst Karaoke, you can also play your favorite songs from your phone or other Bluetooth-enabled device. This allows you to have even more control over the songs that you want to sing and makes it very easy to find and choose your favorite tracks.

Due to its portability and ease of use, you can take it to any party or event. It is also very easy to set up and use, so you will not have any trouble using it even if you are not familiar with karaoke machines.

  • Multiple sound effects
  • Portable Device
  • Dual Mics
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • No remote control Included

5. Starion KS829-B Bluetooth Karaoke Machine 


Starion KS829-B Karaoke Machine
  • 4 Speakers
  • 2 Wired Microphones
  • Two USB Ports
  • Led Display
  • Bluetooth

The Starion KS829-B Bluetooth Karaoke Machine is a great option for those looking for a karaoke machine with all the bells and whistles. This machine comes with Bluetooth connectivity, so you can stream your favorite karaoke tracks from your smartphone or other devices.

The machine also comes with two microphones, so you and a friend can sing together. There is also an aux input, so you can connect to another audio source, like an iPod or MP3 player. This gives you more options for song choices, and you can sing along to your favorite tracks.

An integrated light show is built into the pedestal design of the Starion KS829-B. The Starion’s Pedestal Design Incorporates A Built-In Light Show That Will Enhance Your Karaoke Experience.

This karaoke machine has an LED display that shows you what track is playing, who is singing, and more. The display is easy to read, even in low light. The display also shows the lyrics of the song, so you can follow along as you sing.

This machine also plays MP3 files, so you can have even more control over your karaoke experience. You can choose to play your favorite karaoke tracks, or you can play your own MP3 files. This machine gives you the ultimate control over your karaoke experience.

With its built-in speakers, the Starion KS829-B provides great sound quality. The speakers are powerful enough to fill a room, so you can enjoy your karaoke sessions even if you have a large group. The Starion KS829-B Bluetooth Karaoke Machine is a great option for those who want a machine that has all the above features.

  • Attractive Disco Lighting System
  • Bluetooth Enabled
  • Built-in 4 speakers
  • Stylish Design
  • Its unique design makes it difficult to transport


How much does a Japanese karaoke machine cost?

The price of a Japanese Karaoke machine can vary depending on the brand, features, and quality. However, you can expect to pay anywhere from $70 to $500 for a good quality machine.

Are Karaoke machines built in Japan?

Karaoke machines are popular in Japan, but they are not necessarily built there. Many karaoke machines are made in China, and some are made in other countries as well.

How famous is Karaoke in Japan?

Karaoke is extremely popular in Japan and can be found in almost every city and town. There are even dedicated karaoke bars and cafes where people can go to sing their favorite songs. Many Japanese people view karaoke as a fun way to relax and socialize with friends.

Do Japanese Karaoke machines have built-in songs?

Yes, Japanese karaoke machines typically have built-in songs. The specific selection of songs varies by machine, but you can usually find a good variety of popular Japanese and Western songs to sing along to.