Karaoke Machines With Scoring System (Reviews and Guide)

Singing is a fun activity. However, it can be hard to get the right pitch and rhythm when you are singing along. This often results in bad performances that make people feel embarrassed or frustrated. You need an affordable karaoke machine with a scoring system that will help you improve your skills by tracking your performance. 

Many people use a karaoke machine to sing songs. But they don’t know how to score their singing performance. They only can listen to themselves and judge whether it’s good or bad. It is very difficult for them when they want to improve their voice quality to become a professional singer. So what should we do?

We have found that there are some karaoke machines with scoring systems on the market now, which can help us evaluate our singing performances accurately and give us suggestions about improving our voices by showing charts of scores of different parts of songs such as pitch, tone, rhythm, etc…

Karaoke Machine with a Scoring System – Our Top Picks

In this article, We will review the top-rated scoring system and explain why these products are the best ones for you. You will learn how to set up a scoring system and how a scoring machine works and which feature you should look out for when you are going to buy a karaoke scoring machine to improve your singing.

We also include a buying guide at the end so that you can learn how to choose the right karaoke scoring machine.

1. DIANXUN Karaoke Machine with the scoring system

DIANXUN Professional Karaoke Machine with the scoring system

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This machine is the latest karaoke machine with a scoring system that has an Intelligent scoring system. It has a professional and accurate score-keeping system to give you the best result in your score. You can manage scores easily and even change them anytime by yourself.

We used it and its touch function designs on its touchscreen are very good for people with visual impairments. A person needs only to double click on a music file and touch “start” and “stop” to edit their scores, which is very easy to use.

Its wireless function allows you to control the machine from your phone without cables, you can search for karaoke songs online, watch videos, and download songs.

We tested this scoring machine and Its advanced scoring system gives you real-time feedback while you are singing. It can provide you with professional scores and give you advice on how to improve your voice. This is very helpful for beginners who want to improve their singing fast.

It can also help you memorize the lyrics easier by turning the words on while you are singing. We found that this karaoke machine with a scoring system is suitable for people of all ages, especially seniors who have difficulty reading complicated letters.

So if you are looking for a karaoke machine with a scoring system, then this DIANXUN karaoke scoring machine is your best choice!

  • Real-time score

  • Intelligent scoring system

  • Wireless function

  • Touch screen

  • Bit Costly

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2. Magic Sing Karaoke Machine with 2 Wireless Mic

Magic Sing Karaoke machine with 2 wireless Mic

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This karaoke machine has the best sound and works very well. We used It and it allows us to add an echo effect to your voice like in most karaoke bars. It allows you to switch between songs without having to walk over and touch the machine which can be dangerous.

When people are using the karaoke machine, they are not only singing according to the scoring system on the screen. Sometimes, they are searching for songs while singing. The built-in songs in this product are more than 5000 songs and it has real-time music notes which can help you sing better while searching for songs.

The wireless mic has a pretty good sound quality. The machine itself can play songs from many different devices including a USB flash drive, SD card, CD, and MP3 Player. We were impressed that You can control what you are singing or playing with this karaoke system by controlling the echo level on your voice (which is awesome), moving through songs, pausing them, or muting them.

Magic Sing karaoke system testing and review

Also, we loved that it has a cool feature of adding a real-time score system while singing which will motivate you to sing better. No matter whether you are using the wireless mic or not, this machine is good enough for karaoke use and your family gatherings.

It is an all-in-one karaoke machine and allows you to play your favorite karaoke songs with the included wireless Mic. The microphone has a range of 33 feet and includes a belt-pack transmitter that works up to 100+ feet away.

If you’re planning on having more than two people singing this is the best karaoke system to choose because you get two karaoke microphones with many functions built-in. Moreover, this karaoke microphone system comes with a scoring function to help people judge their performance easily.

  • Score system

  • The sound quality is great

  • Can switch between songs easily

  • Can search for songs while singing

  • Has a good wireless mic

  • Expensive

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3. SHAPHY Karaoke Machine Microphone With Rechargeable system

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We used this karaoke machine for a Christmas party and it was very nice. It has a clear sound, and decent lights, and the microphone is pretty good.

This modern-looking karaoke machine with a wireless mic is great. The multi-functional PA system includes DJ lights which can help you impress your friends when singing karaoke in your house.

The rechargeable system in the microphone is nice because you never have to worry about buying batteries or an annoying cord. The built-in woofer has a great sound quality and it sounds like you are singing at a big karaoke event without spending too much money.

We loved that it comes with 3 microphones and 1 wired mic and it is very easy to use. The microphone that comes with this machine has a good sound quality and also the handheld remote is helpful.

When we tried using this machine with our family, It was nice because it supports up to three singers at once with the split-stereo function ( 2 wireless microphones + one wired mic ). So if you are looking for the best karaoke machine which provides premium sound quality and a scoring system, this option is best for you.

  • Great design

  • Easy to use

  • 3 Microphones included (1 wired)

  • Premium sound quality

  • Rechargeable system included (microphone)

  • You cannot search songs

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4. Singtrix Portable Karaoke Machine

Singtrix Portable Karaoke Machine

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When we used this karaoke machine, we were amazed by its effects and autotuning system. There is an amazing voice modulator that can morph your voice into a robot, girl, etc.

This karaoke machine has the best effects and it is very easy to use. You just have to plug your microphone into it and press the effects to turn them on.

Singtrix Karaoke Machine functions and features

We loved that the whole party can sing along with your voice thanks to the 4-part harmonies system. There are 2 harmony parts, so basically this means that up to 8 different singers can connect their microphones and create amazing harmonies together.

Also, there is an amazing speaker included in the party bundle. All these features make it a perfect karaoke machine for you to use at parties and events. So, if you are ready to have a great time singing with your family and friends, this is one of the best karaoke machines on the market.

  • Amazing voice effects and   system

  • 4-part harmonies system for up to 8 people

  • 2 PA speakers included in the party bundle

  • Plug and Play System

  • The device is a bit heavy and bulky

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5. Singing Bluetooth Karaoke Machine with Disco Lights

This karaoke machine has a disco lights system that can change colors. The whole party or event will be more enjoyable thanks to the amazing disco lights.

Also, this device has a monitor that can help you control the lights and see what is happening on the screen. This karaoke machine comes with 2 microphone jacks. So, you can connect up to 2 microphones to sing karaoke with your friends and family members.

We were impressed with its echo control and the audio voice control functions help you increase and decrease microphone volume, respectively. The device comes with a built-in speaker and it provides an online scoring system which is a nice feature if you are looking to compete with your friends.

If you are looking for a karaoke machine that will help you have a good time without worrying about the sound, this is the best karaoke machine for your needs it is very affordable and reliable.

  • Disco lights system

  • Color monitor

  • 2 microphone jacks included

  • Echo control

  • Audio Voice Control functions

  • Built-in speaker

  • The product has a no warranty

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6. 808 Karaoke Machine with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

While we were trying to find the perfect karaoke machine for kids, we looked at a lot of different models and finally decided to go with this one because it’s a little more modern and has a lot of features. We think this karaoke machine is great for adults too but we decided to buy it for our kids.

It has a nice design and the color-changing lights are cool. The Bluetooth speaker is also very easy to connect with and the sound that it produces is of very good quality. It’s a versatile machine that you can use for a wide variety of functions.

It will work with all apps which allows you to use it with karaoke apps or any music app. The kids can play their favorite songs by themselves or sing songs and in addition, this karaoke machine allows us to check our scoring rate which is also a plus.

We like that it has an AC adapter to power the machine with plug sockets instead of batteries. The machine comes with several buttons that can be pressed to get different sound effects which are pretty cool.

Also, we loved that it has a voice-changing effect which is perfect for their karaoke performance. In the end, we believe this is a good value for money and that’s why we highly recommend it.

  • Voice changing effects

  • Good quality sound

  • Wireless Bluetooth speaker

  • Multicolored light mode

  • bright lights and a nice design

  • versatile uses

  • Quality can be improved

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Karaoke Machine with a scoring system – Buying Guide

These days, karaoke machines have advanced considerably from just playing instrumental songs on a disk. Today’s karaoke machines feature a slew of additional features that may take your karaoke experience to the next level.

The karaoke machine also provides a scoring system that allows you to keep track of your performance and compare it with your friends. This feature is especially useful if you are looking to compete with your loved ones or to improve your skills. There are different types of karaoke machines available on the market and they vary in size and features.

We all know that karaoke can be a great way to have fun with friends and family. If you are looking for the best karaoke machine, we have put together a thorough buying guide so that you can pick out the perfect model according to your needs. Here are some of the features that you should look for when buying a karaoke machine:

Bluetooth connectivity

It is essential to check if your device supports Bluetooth connectivity because this will allow you to quickly play music from your smartphone or tablet easily. Also, if you have a PC or laptop, it will be easier to connect your karaoke machine.

Scoring System

This feature is a must-check when you are looking for a karaoke machine because it plays an important part in the whole karaoke experience. This allows you to keep score while singing on your karaoke machine and compare your performance with friends. If you are looking to impress people, this feature will help you.

Wireless microphone

If you are an advanced karaoke performer, a wireless microphone will be a great addition because it offers freedom of movement while singing. Not only does it allow you to be more comfortable but it also allows you to sing at the top of your game.

Touch Screen

The touch screen appears very modern and can be a nice addition to your karaoke machine. It allows you to control the whole experience more easily. If you are looking for added convenience, this feature will be a great choice.

Size of karaoke machine

It is essential to check the size of the karaoke machine before you purchase because if it is too large, it will be difficult to transport. If you are looking for portability, go for a small model that you can easily fit in your car or bring on vacation.

High Sound Quality

Even though most karaoke machines have good sound quality, it is essential to check when you are going to buy one because the size and number of speakers will determine the sound quality.


Q. How does a karaoke machine evaluate your singing?

A. The karaoke machine usually has a scoring system that allows you to keep track of your performance while giving you an idea of how well you are doing. This feature is especially useful if you are looking to compete with your kids, friends, or family members.

Q. How does a karaoke machine work?

A. The karaoke machine usually has a built-in disk that contains instrumental tracks of songs. When you turn it on, the music will play and the lyrics will be displayed on the screen. You can choose to sing along with the song or else pick another track from the menu if you want to continue with something else.

Q. Is it possible to utilize a karaoke machine as a PA?

A. Yes, if you have a karaoke machine that has an audio input jack, it is possible to connect the device to a microphone or musical instrument and use it as a PA system. This feature will depend on the model you purchase so it is essential to check before buying one.

Q. What type of speakers do karaoke machines have?

A. Karaoke machines have a variety of speakers including woofers and subwoofers. The woofer increases the volume of bass notes while the subwoofer enhances the sound quality. If you are looking for a karaoke machine that has an amazing sound system, it is essential to check this feature.

Q. Do all karaoke machines have a scoring system?

A. No, not all karaoke machines have a scoring system, but they are an important feature to look for if you are aiming to learn your performance while singing on the device. This feature is also a great addition if you want to compete with your family and friends.

Q. How to enable Score in Karaoke Machine?

A. It depends on the karaoke machine model that you have purchased, but usually there is a dedicated button to activate this feature. Make sure to check the manual before operating your device because otherwise, you might not be able to access this feature.


As you can see, there are many great karaoke machines with a scoring system on the market that can be a great addition to your entertainment system. Even if you are an advanced karaoke performer, it will be difficult not to get sucked into the competitive nature of the games while singing. This can also motivate you to sing better and improve your performance.

The most wonderful thing about karaoke is that you don’t have to worry about being the greatest singer in the bar (or house). The objective is to have a good time, not to be concerned about a score that a computer has generated for you but also this system plays an important role when an individual is not confident about his/her singing skills and to improve their skills.

A karaoke machine is a great purchase that allows you to create unforgettable memories with your friends or family while singing your favorite songs. You can make a party by simply inviting your friends and relatives over and showing off your singing skills on the karaoke machine. With a wide variety of choices available on the market, it is important to check your needs before purchasing a karaoke machine.

We hope our reviews of karaoke machines with a scoring system will help you to make the right purchase. Let us know which model you liked the most!

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